First time in Jharkhand: Pre-Fabricated Field Hospitals

For the first time, pre-fabricated field hospitals will be constructed in 12 districts of Jharkhand. Such hospitals of 100-100 beds will be constructed in six districts and 50-50 beds in the same number of districts. After the approval of this scheme by the Health Department, the Building Construction Corporation has started the tender process for their construction. Such places have been selected for the construction of these hospitals, from where the distance of government health centers is more. These hospitals will be ready in a maximum of six months.

The districts where 100-bed field hospital will be constructed include Ranchi, Ramgarh, Koderma, East Singhbhum, Lohardaga and Hazaribagh. The districts where 50-bed field hospital will be constructed include Bokaro, Gumla, Jamtara, Khunti, Latehar and Godda.

The Center has approved a total of Rs 569.80 crore under This amount will be used to construct these structures. Of these, 60 percent of the amount is shared by the Center, while 40 percent is being borne by the state government.

Director of National Health Campaign Dr. Vandana Gurnani has asked the state government to give progress report every month, giving information about the approval of the schemes and the budget. A budget of Rs.7.5 crore per unit has been fixed for a hundred-bed field hospital. Similarly, for a 50-bed hospital, there is a budget of 3.5 crore per unit. A separate budget of Rs 50 crore has been approved for the operation of these hospitals. Such a hospital will be constructed for the first time in Jharkhand. Its specialty is that it will be ready in a very short time. It can be transferred from one place to another.